Adoption by singles and homosexual couples

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Legalising it would offend cherished beliefs and further undermine the key role religion plays as a moral bedrock in society. Yet we have to respect the democratic decision of people who vote for politicians and governments that oppose gay adoption.

Same-Sex Adoption in the UK

The Act also rejected the prior requirement to adopt — to be married but it also gave Aodption rights Adoption by singles and homosexual couples foster parents who are now allowed to apply for special guardianship that gives them the right to take care of their foster children continuously until the age of 18 years. Research published in by the Department for Education showed that there could be up to 4 million people in England likely to consider adopting or fostering at some point in the future, yet up and down the country there are still thousands of children waiting for a safe, loving home.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Adoption and Children Act which gave LGBT adopters the same legal rights as heterosexual adopters.