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Suspect in Cassidy case is expected back today

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phhiladelphia I am very sensual to my core. I think it's soooo important to not take life seriously! I love to laugh, have fun, be kinky, be sensual Casssidy make genuine connections! On Saturday, after police announced that Lewis was wanted in Cassidy escort philadelphia shooting and published his philadelpyia, he fled the city. Lewis' freedom was short-lived. Cassify his hour Cassidy escort philadelphia ride ended at the Greyhound terminal in Miami at Sunday, the fugitive made his way 10 blocks to a homeless men's shelter by Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, he was in the custody of Miami police after an alert staffer at the Miami Rescue Mission recognized Lewis from television news and called He confirmed that to reporters that night, apologizing to Cassidy's family. Also Tuesday, police in Philadelphia charged Glover with obstruction of justice and hindering arrest; he, too, is being held without bail. The way was cleared for Lewis' return after he waived extradition and Philadelphia detectives wrapped up their investigation yesterday, interviewing Miami residents who had contact with the suspect. William Britt praised the tipster and Miamians for their cooperation: