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In contrast to other countries this law Escort gillian belfast replace rather gillina be in parallel to a mental health law. This is a unique and progressive development which seeks to Escort gillian belfast the discrimination of separate Eecort health law. A core principle of the new Act is Eecort people are "not to be treated as unable to make a decision There are people who, without support, would be assessed as incapable of making certain decisions but with the appropriate support are capable of making those decisions, and so to not provide that support infringes their rights, undermines their autonomy and reinforces their exclusion from society. This evidence is urgently needed to inform the Code of Practice for the new Act and the wider implementation process.

This presentation provides a summary of findings from a research project which explored how people have, or have not been, supported to make their own decisions.

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The project involved peer Escort gillian belfast interviewing 20 people with mental health problems and 20 people with intellectual disabilities, to gain an in-depth understanding of their experiences of gillan decision-making and their preferences and ideas for how decision-making should be supported tillian the new legal framework. The study assessed Esdort and associated risk and protective factors in first year students and velfast findings revealed high prevalence rates of mental health and substance disorders, ADHD and suicidal behaviour, with more than half of new undergraduate students reporting any lifetime disorder.

Co-morbidity was common with almost a fifth of students reporting 3 or more disorders. Females, students over 21, LGBT students, and those from a lower socioeconomic background were more likely to have a range of mental health and behavioural problems. The results suggest that student life can be stressful, with financial pressures, social isolation, and social perfectionism impacting on wellbeing and increasing the risk of mental health difficulties. However, over a fifth of students with problems said they would not seek help. It is important therefore to carefully consider strategies to encourage help-seeking behaviour.