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Everyone knows that sex is what goes on. In Carrboro, the police department made three arrests in August in a sting operation at the Abbey Court Condominiums, which is now the Collins Crossing apartment complex, after receiving several calls Raleigh and backpage and escort residents. Since then, there have been no more reported incidents of prostitution at the complex, and Atack said the number of calls in general from that location has decreased since it changed management. Joshua Mecimore, spokesman for the Chapel Hill Police Department, said prostitution is a difficult crime to catch. He said most incidents and arrests for prostitution are the results of complaints.

He compared prostitution to drug distribution and use because people who are involved in the crime are less likely to report any wrongdoing.


Prostitution, like drug use, has been called a victimless crime. The manager of the hotel could not be reached for comment. According to the Yellow Pages, there are seven escort companies that serve the Chapel Hill area. She said clients pay based on the amount of time spent with the escort. She is 24, but she lists a younger age in her ad because she said most Raleigh and backpage and escort the men like younger women. She spends time with her children during the day and does most of her work at night. Of course A2 is strict about throwing these accusation out on the board. But for me at least the bigger SHOCK factor is if the customer puts his self in a position to where he has to get tested.

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