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They came outside after hearing the shot. Little said he saw the man who was shot collapse onto the ground. A short time later he saw a distraught woman holding a cellphone to her ear yelling, "He's dead. They murdered him," he said. The same woman was seated in the backseat of a patrol car about 30 minutes after the shooting.

She kept crying as police with rifles took cover and waited for the suspect to surrender. Julia Sims, 51, who also lives on the east side of South Palmetto, said she caught a glimpse of the naked woman and also saw up to four women running out of the apartment seconds after the shot rang out. Neighbors said the corner of South Palmetto and Shady is rife with prostitution and drug activity. Mostly everyone who was standing on the street assumed the shooting had something to do with either or both. After receiving a signed search warrant, police entered the apartment and seized the firearm thought to have been used in the shooting, according to the report.