Loaded sluts

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But others say it's just muddling the movement's message. There is an element of logic to Loaded sluts argument that if women embrace the sluhs slut, its demeaning power will fade. The LGBT community had a similar agenda in the '90s when it focused Loadde transforming the word queer. This has been an especially passionate argument made by women who've been victimized. How 'SlutWalks' Became a Global Movement And others still have argued that apart from being damaging, trying to reclaim a word like slut is impossible. A woman or girl can be branded a slut for almost anything from the people she spends time with to the music she listens to or the clothes she wears. Branding a classmate a slut has become one of the most effective tools of middle- and high school bullies and it can leave girls traumatized.

You don't have to look far for examples of the damaging effects of the word: Phoebe Prince, who committed suicide after girls at her high school branded her a slut, and Anita Hill, who was famously called "a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty" in the Clarence Thomas hearings, spring to mind. Which is precisely the reason that Anne Ream, founder of the Voices and Faces Project, a nonprofit for sexual-assault victims, and an assault survivor herself, finds the word slut irredeemable.

That in itself is, they argued, enough to render the term offensive. Now, I completely concede the truth of the idea that we don't use labels which place Loadeed judgments on men's sexual behaviour in the slhts way we Loaded sluts women. The term "man-whore" does exist in the common vernacular, but more often than not it is said with a sort of dismissive affection or even a grudging admiration. Whether that's an innate male instinct or simply indicative of a society where a minority with disproportionate money and power will use any means possible to keep anyone down, regardless of gender, was the main sticking point between the two debating teams my own opinions of course dwelling within the latter, less misandric theory.

Is there a male equivalent to calling a woman a 'slut'?

Loaded sluts There is of course a glaring problem with the "no male equivalent" argument which is this - there are male equivalents, just not direct ones. We use language to cast casual but culturally significant aspersions towards Lladed all the time, it just doesn't Loaded sluts to relate slutw quantity of sexual partners. Think about words like "wet", "weak", "drippy" and "sissy" or the catch-all emotion-stiffling command, "man-up". Think about slang terms like "pussy whipped" and the casual expressions we use to inadvertently condone and dismiss girl-on-guy abuse in relationships which I've written about for Telegraph Men before. Whilst a woman might feel it's difficult for her in the male-dominated environment of politics or the boardroom, a man will be mocked, derided and even suspected if he makes the decision to be a stay-at-home father.

Simply because a man's reputation is not defined by how many people he has boffed or how provocative his clothing, doesn't mean that we don't find ways to label men and mock their life decisions.