Obd ii p1131 98 escort

To later for size leak you can us carb fun or loss, spraying all the drivers and around life rent, if you get a increease in under rpm you found your vehicle. I would say the rental is fine. If off the past that would cause you do, if off the plug what check the wire. We did a confirmation test and all 4 things listed.

I recommend the mass air flow sensor be changed out when this happens bc it will never be the same. I hope this helps p11311. Jstafins Obd ii p1131 98 escort Contributions If you get only one code p on your ford expedition would it be the o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 or can some other sensor-fault generate this same code. If it comes back on then escorrt mass air flow sensor could be sending screwy signals or the injectors for that side are not giving enough fuel. Soak the sensor in penetrating oil first. Obd ii p1131 98 escort it set for li bit.

Disconnect then unscrew it. I removed mine with just a wrench. I did hit the oi knuckles once or twice though. It was really cranked on there. I have a expedition and my computer had that same code and i had replaced the coil packs and plugs, and cleaned the pcv valve and the mass airflow sensor and the code was still there. I'm not working now and was stopped by local area police tonight and just need an approx. Baldfatguy 11, Contributions What if the code is for cylinder misfire on Ford Expedition what does this means?

This regulator or " solenoid" is found close to the DPFE sensor, and receives electrical command from the engine computer to adjust the amount of vacuum force applied to the EGR valvetherefore regulating the amount of E-xhaust G-as R-ecirculated into the engine. Common causes of this code include: Less frequently the solenoid itself might be shot, and testing the resistance between the 2 prongs should normally show between 0. Just make sure the vacuum tubes are not reversed. What is trouble code P on a Ford Taurus? Please refer to the diagram in the link below. We cleared error codes and drove about 20 miles and it threw 2 codes, same as b4 P and P We took off the ingnition coil to be tested tomorrow.

This is baffeling, More suggestions? Have you checked fuel pressure?? Have you cleaned the MAF??? Just reread your last post and you say that the sensors were disconnected, are you meaning that you disconnected the wiring plugs frrom the wiring harness or that you completely removed the pre-cat sensor from the exhaust pipe and tried driving the vehicle to check for increeae of power?? Haven't checked fuel pressure. Going to clean MAF now and test coil pack.

We are also going to unscrew the pre cat 02 sensor ki see if power increases. Will repost in a bit. Thanks krisescort97 We replaced air filter and cleaned the MAF, nothing changed. We tested the ing coil while hot and the reading was. We also added some fuel injector cleaner just for kicks, no change there either. Anyone have any suggestions where to go from here or what part to replace first? I have heard and read a few places that the ing coil might still be bad if they test good What is the fuel pressure???

P1131 FORD - Lack of Upstream Heated Oxygen Sensor Switch Sensor Indicates Lean Bank 1

Did removing the pre cat oxygen sensor heelp??? GTP Dad It is possible that the sensor is bad and not sending proper signals to the computer and therefore not giving the proper signals to the computer thus the decrease in power. Also did you do a compression test? So we unplugged the 1 plug and it did not change the rpms either I don't think that is a good thing is it? I just posted update. What do u think?