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Three times one-five is a hundred and five. I did smile, yeah. Dobbs media that Curtin's cases dallae almost any and lets the time pass. Dobbs staggers back toward the campfire, travelling to himself as his fun deteriorates. He's reading we return with him to his past and be his plans Past at the campfire where he people down, parking and learning grow inside.

Now I feel free to tell you. We've wounded this mountain and it's our duty to close her wounds.

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They believe they have been swindled - that their victim was weighing down his hides with sand bags to increase their value. As he dallas drinks from the watering hole, a reflection of another face is shown in the pool - it is the image of death itself - the smiling bandit Gold Hat with his tattered, ragged sombrero. Before they depart to return to civilization and end their exploitation of the 'feminine' mountain, Howard insists that they dismantle and close up the mine shaft to restore it - he reveres the land like it was a raped or wounded woman.