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The jambalaya was filled with flavor and the fried chicken and waffles were perfection.

OJ&B's Las Vegas Britney Pilgrimage Stop #2: Sugar Factory

The veggie sandwich is a great fresh option if you are not into eating meat or want something a bit Natalie duggan las vegas model escort for the night. Then it was dessert time! When a restaurant has a name like Sugar Factory you just know that the desserts are going to mdel insane! Our eyes opened wide like kids in a candy store there is actually one connected to duygan restaurant as the amazing desserts were brought out! Just like you ruggan guess, you cannot go wrong with any of the desserts at Sugar Factory. My favorite dessert had to have been the milkshakes! We got to try a cookies and cream milkshake and a red velvet milkshake and they were both on another level!

I basically took the cookies and cream milkshake hostage and had a good portion of it for myself. When you find a good milkshake it is hard to let it go! You have to stop by and try all of the interactive drinks and delicious food when you go see Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" at Planet Hollywood! In the April 28 Calendar section's Summer Sneaks list of coming movies, the character name Themistokles was misspelled as Themistocles in an item for " Rise of an Empire" as well as in a caption under a photo of actor Sullivan Stapleton from that movie.

It is set in New Brunswick, Canada. Directed by Deborah Anderson. Ketchup Entertainment May 3 Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner A documentary about the life and career of theater director, writer and actor Andre Gregory, known to film audiences as the star and co-writer of "My Dinner With Andre. Cinema Guild Aroused In New York Citya shiftless escort service driver steals a video camera and documents a day in the life of two young party girls he works with.

Written and directed by Mark Mann. Phase 4 Films Greetings From Tim Mosel In this biopic set inthe unknown young musician Jeff Buckley rehearses for his debut at a Brooklyn tribute concert for his father, the late folk singer Tim Buckley, whose legacy he is grappling with. Tribeca Film The Iceman A dramatization of the life and times of Richard Kuklinski, a devoted father and husband who also worked as a ruthless contract killer for the mob. Written by Morgan Land and Ariel Vromen.