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She dropped it in her purse, and left in a hurry. Female escorts albany new york ran home as fast as she could. She had 3 messages on her answering machine, so she tossed her purse on her bed and went to call her friends. After all, what's an slute 18 year old brown-eyed brunette supposed to do? At around 11 PM, she got back from the movie theatre depressed. She didn't see any hot guys and it didn't help that the movie also sucked. So, sighing, she went into her room and locked the door.

Peeling off her shirt and tossing it on the floor, she plopped onto her bed. Seeing the purse, she was about to throw it at Slut bukkak Panty dropping sluts, when the memory of the store earlier that day caught her attention. Scrambling Male sum slut open her purse, she gasped as she pulled out the stolen Panth. In her hand, she held an 8" black vibrator. She had tried one of her friends out before, but hadn't really Black slut blowjob it.

Rdopping found the switch to turn it on, and hit it. It thrummed to live in her hand, making a sweet Escort s sound that could only mean pleasure. So gingerly, she took it and started to Psnty her vagina droppinb her jeans. It didn't feel that bad! Getting up, she unbuttoned her pants and let them fall to the floor. Jessica sat down onto her bed, pink bra and thong her only clothing. She lay back against her pillow, and move the vibrator to her nipples. The cloth vibrated back and forth, making her nipples stand out. A flash went through her body, and she curled up, moving the vibrator down between her legs.

An intense wave of pleasure rang through, touching nipples and pussy alike. Within seconds, bra and thong were dfopping, lying in a cute pile beside her bed. The vibrator went into her trimmed pussy, a feeling of ecstasy floating around her body. The tip of the vibrator found her clit and a moan escaped her lips. She began to drpoping against the vibrator, wanting more and more. Her sropping was wet, and still she kept trying to hump the vibrator. Then, in an intense spasm of pleasure, she orgasmed. Trying to catch her breath, she was hit with another, and her head started to Panry.

Again, and again they hit her. Teeth clenching, nipples erect beyond belief. Toes curled and hips dro;ping, she lost control. As a final, raging Pwnty hit her, her pussy clenched around the vibrator, and she blacked out. A floating sensation, like in a dream. She was hovering in a room, dimly Pantg. Her eyes adjusted slowly, but she could hear noises from below. Panth slowly lowered her self. A girl, blonde hair Panty dropping sluts big of breast, no more than 20, Pantyy sitting in a chair. She was surrounded by another blonde girl, perhaps older, and a man. The man she was staring at, though she could only see his slutz, was the owner of that new store she just visited.

The three didn't hear her. She tried droppint a few more times, but again to no avail. She submitted and watched the scene unfold before her eyes. The blonde in the chair appeared to be sitting uncomfortably, and was shaking her head as if disagreeing with something. Words drifted up to were Jessica was floating. I'm not going over there! You don't want to have me make you, do you baby? Jessica started to feel a tug, not on her body, but in her mind. Slowly, she started to be pulled down, towards the people. She began to get some speed, and then 'bang!

Her body began to feel real again, and she began to feel sensations. She felt full, and she was very horny. She looked at the two people standing over her and tried to get away. She only succeeded in pushing her self up off the chair 5 inches when she cried out with pleasure. The dildo that was pressed into her cunt was no where near small, and pulling away caused yet another wave of pleasure. The one filling her ass gave her a queasy-full feeling when she tried to move. Gasping, she slid back down and screamed with pleasure as the two massive sex toys slid farther into her. As she plopped back down onto the seat, she felt a weight pulling on her nipples, causing a blur of pain and pleasure.

The sharp bite of the nipple clamps was an experience that she had never felt before. Jessica moaned and nodded her head, trying to push down on the gargantuan dildos filling her body. She heaved her chest, the nerves from her tits responding to the pull of the weights in an untamed shout. Jessica tried to move her hands to play with her nipples, or her clit, or anything, but found them to be tied down with leather straps. The blonde girl moved over Jessica and sat on her lap, straddling her. The additional weight of the blonde girl pushed Jessica's pussy against the dildo even further.

Her pussy juices ran freely down the thick shaft of the dildo, grouping around the base. The girl who was straddling Jessica took off the nipple clamps and began to run her hands over Jessica's now-large tits. Her nipples were fatter and longer, looking as if they were ready to burst. The other girl, Emily, took one of Jessica's large, fat nipples and rolled it between her thumb and forefinger, and then placed it in her mouth. She began to whorl her tongue around it and suck with enthusiasm. She switched from tit to kisses, and kisses to tit, tongue always moving. Meanwhile, one of her hands was tucked underneath her, fingers in her own pussy to the knuckle. When she was nice and wet, she took her fingers out and rubbed them across Jessica's lips, her tongue flicking out to taste.

Then, going back down to the wet slit between her, she took her drenched hand and gripped the shaft of the dildo. Her hand, now wet with her own juices, slid up and down the shaft of the soaked dildo, Jessica's own pleasured mess adding to the ease. The hand, which started at the base, eventually found its way up the shaft into Jessica's wet, gaping tunnel of a pussy. Experienced fingers traced the lips of the sopping cunt and made there way to the clit. Rubbing, thrusting, finding, squeezing, tickling, her fingers were a machine. Jessica, already having juices flowing freely from her pussy, let out a shriek of joy that was soon silenced by the weight of Emily's tongue.

A minute or so later, Emily licked Jessica's nipple one last time, and lowered her head to Jessica's now blonde-haired bush. Emily buried her mouth against Jessica's huge mound of curly pubic hair, licking the entire region of her sex. Finally, pulling away, a cupped hand came down and played with her curly, blonde pubes, fingers dancing. With an increasing pressure being applied, Emily could feel the dildo through Jessica's hairy pubic mound. After a few pressured strokes, another bout of juice made its way out of Jessica's deliciously wet lips, and onto Emily's tongue. Jessica's breath was heavy, eyes closed for about a minute.

When she opened, the man spoke. Emily walked back over, and with a hand on Jessica's breast and a hand on her back, she helped her up. The full-feeling slowly left her as the anal dildo slid out first, followed shortly after by the wet one that was buried almost base deep in her delicious cunt. She stood on shaky legs, and touched her pussy. It was spread wide, and it was leaking onto the floor, and the sight of it made her wanting more things done to her. Jessica, moving awkwardly towards the door, nodded. She grasped the door knob and looked back. She saw Emily rubbing her tongue up and down the shaft of the dildo that was inserted into Jessica's pussy, hand on the one from her ass, and almost touched her self when Emily stood on the chair and squatted into the thick dildo, letting it slowly enter the moist cavern that awaited.

Jessica found her room, or a room, not knowing if it was hers, and went inside. There were dressers, and closets full of clothing. As she looked around, a note, lying on the bed, caught her eye. She picked it up and read it. The only exception is that you wear the pair of blue panties that are lying on the pillow. You will find that they are Remember my little slut, dress to fuck. Looking around, she saw the pair of panties on the pillow. She slowly walked over to them and sat on the bed. Shifting them around in her hands, the panties felt like they were made of an odd material, one that she couldn't quite place. Bending down, she brought her left leg, then her right through the blue panties and brought them up.

The feeling of clothes on her skin felt odd, as if she hadn't been dressed in weeks. However, looking down, she saw that the panties were forming themselves to her body, filling in down the crack of her ass, and forming around the swollen lips of her still wet pussy. She could feel the juices, but looking down at herself, could not see them. She sat up, feeling better, and went to some drawers. She eventually found herself some tight cloth short-shorts, some name brand or another.

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